Author: Rachel Leroy

Pigalle Botta Strass

The $4,995 Pigalle Botta Strass are created exclusively for Christian Louboutin boutiques. Oh-so-stylish and oh-so-awesome, a girl cannot not want these beautiful creations. Oh and what are those dazzling colorful things adorning the black boots you ask? Oh they are nothing but multi-colored...

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Swarovski-studded boots

During a warming up for a match against Lyon, Saint – Etienne’s player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon) was saw wearing $4,000 pair of boots encrusted in Swarovski. I hope that none of the crystals were lost during the warming...

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The Guardian by Döttling

Döttling unveil The Guardian on its official Facebook page, a luxury multi-walled for travelers. The Guardian provides unique protection for up to six watches, jewelry, cash, or important documents. The centerpiece of the Guardian is the multi-walled, high-security cylinder built into the leather, which was developed in-house at Döttling. This consists of a range of high-tech materials, which have been interlocked in a top-secret composition. The carbide component is nearly as hard as a diamond and destroys tools such as drills or saws attempting to attack the Guardian. Several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric, which...

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