Author: Rachel Leroy

$73,578 is The World’s Most Expensive DOG HOLIDAY

The world is crazy, no doubt about this. Just PR or not, The Paw Seasons lunch a Luxury Dog Holiday with a fabulous $73,578 price tag. First the lucky dog must have a very generous and rich owner. Second the dog will be a king for two weeks as the Luxury Dog Holiday include: – collection by The Paw Season’s hotel chauffeur – suite including screen showing dog favourites (Lassie and 101 Dalmatians etc) accompanied by dog-friendly popcorn – bespoke crafted doghouse replicating the dog’s own home by Bespoke Impact (helping avoid any chance of homesickness) – personal chef...

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The Ralph Lauren Stirrup Diamond Link

Ralph Lauren introduces two new timepieces: Stirrup Diamond Link and Stirrup Steel Link. The Ralph Lauren Stirrup Diamond Link is now available in a medium size, combining the stirrup-shaped case with a supple, full-pavé diamond chain link bracelet. Over 1,900 diamonds decorate this timepiece, with a total of 20 different sized diamonds used to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface of gemstones for maximum sparkle. The bracelet links, designed for both comfort and beauty, are exquisitely and harmoniously integrated with the case. Discreet hidden catches allow up to four links to be removed for a perfect fit. Every diamond is...

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Flower Chandelier in red Murano glass

Mask Chandelier unveiled Flower Chandelier in red Murano glass to celebrates the Carnival of Venice. The price of $7600 is nothing for fans of Pataviumart work… A series of flowering lanterns and blown Murano glass elements that hang from a metal support decorated with precious arabesques. This illumination concept was designed and created for sophisticated settings, to convey a furniture concept based on transparency, poetry and lightness....

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Louis Vuitton Street Artists

Louis Vuitton has invited three personalities from the world of street art to give a new look to its emblematic scarves. Under Aiko, Retna, and Os Gemeos’ impulsion, the giant silk scarf, the stole and the regular silk scarf devote themselves to a new look, with inscriptions and colors bursting with...

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Art Deco China Limited Edition

Limited Edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Art Deco was just launched on the Chinese car market. It is available in black or polar white and the exterior is further sexed up with an Art Deco sticker-strip on the waistline and an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. The interior is decorated in Art Deco style, which means a few badges here and some more tickers there. Rolls-Royce Ghost Art Deco China Limited Edition price is 921.000...

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